The IPL Group, LLC is a cadre of industry experts that know what it takes to get the job done - right, and done quickly.  Our experts have capabilities in regulatory compliance, manufacturing, supplier-control, maintenance, quality assurance, operations, engineering disciplines, professional knowledge management, and business process improvement within the Aviation, Space, Defense, Maritime and Nuclear industries.  We also provide a wealth of capabilities in cross-over technologies to other high-tech and/or complex industries. 

When it comes down to getting the job done, and done right, we are your capable talent base.  From setting up a factory anywhere in the world, to obtaining the regulatory certification for product design or operations, The IPL Group has the know-how to achieve timely results. 

Our world-class web-based training offerings are located at:


Our industry experts are also experienced in investigation, report writing, and testimony delivery.   Our expert witness services are made available through ASD Experts.

The IPL Group is also the proud parent company of The Aerospace and Defense Learning Institute, where the online AS&D Body of Knowledge can be found. 

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